Takeover of the company Alexander Rauch

After years of well maintained business relations between the companies Alexander Rauch and us, Getsch+Hiller Medizintechnik GmbH, we have decided to take over and continue the company due to past events. The takeover took place on 01.October 2016. With this takeover we not only gain an excellent milling shop, but also a higher flexibility in our production process.




Move to Nendingen

With the move on 09 May, a dream came true after a 9 month construction period. In order to be a reliable partner for the future, an enlargement of the company building and the production hall was inevitable.


New land

With the purchase of a plot of land in Nendingen, in August 2015 the planning of a new company building became reality.


FDA approval

Certification and approval by the FDA US ferderal authority (Food and Drug Administration), thus the export to the USA is open.



Expansion of the machine park

With the purchase of a HAAS CNC milling machine the machine park was expanded. Meanwhile the number of employees has risen to 19.


Visit from the politic

We presented ourselves to the public at a trade show organized by the city of Mühlheim. The then District Administrator Guido Wolf and the Member of Parliament Volker Kauder took advantage of this opportunity to visit our company.


Move to Mühlheim

With the purchase and move to a new building in Mühlheim, the conditions are created to expand the machinery with another CNC sliding headstock lathe and a CNC milling machine. The first apprentice is hired for the technical area.


Certification according to DIN EN ISO 13485

An important element of quality assurance is the certification according to DIN EN ISO 13485, which represents the requirements for a comprehensive management system with regard to the design and manufacture of medical devices.


CNC long lathe

Purchase of the first CNC lathe Star SA-16R.


First employees

The company started with a focus on gastroscopy. With the recruitment of the first employees and the specialisation in endoscopy, the first step towards success was taken.


Company foundation

The Company Getsch+Hiller Medizintechnik GmbH was founded by Arnold Getsch and Werner Hiller in 2003 in Tuttlingen in a rented building at Karpfenstraße 10. When choosing the company name, the wanted to express that they stand for their name.