In the manufacture of our arthroscopy instruments, we attach great importance to precision and quality. All the components that are decisive for the accuracy and durability of an instrument are produced in-house using the latest machinery, production methods and trained employees.

Leading in this area is our "powerCUT" line. In this system, the instruments stand out in their construction. The pinless mechanism and an open guide rail provide punches, grasping forceps and scissors with an optimum distribution of force to transmit their unique strength right to the tip. This guarantees easy and stress-free working for the surgeon.

We manufacture instruments for the following areas:

Small joints




A supplement for this area are our hand instruments. The tips can be optionally combined with a silicone handle or a triangular handle. In this area we produce the cartilage pestles also called
"Chondro Picks". These are used in microfracturing for cartilage damage in large and medium-sized joints. We manufacture the instruments in 5 different bends.

As an alternative to our powerCUT line, we also manufacture punches, grasping forceps and scissors with tubular shafts under "standard" arthroscopy instruments. They also have an optimal cutting behaviour which ensures precise and easy working.

These instruments are used in the knee area.