a system, which convinces

2-part detachable Spine Endoscopy

This punches, spoons and grasping forceps have been specially designed and developed for endoscopic usw on the spinal. They are characterized by a sharp cut as well as a high barrel power. The tip can be exchanged quickly and easily.


get ahead with one cut


The Suture-Tape-Cutter makes possible cutting FiberTabes or multiple threads in one step. Due to the special handle, there is a greater transfer of force to the tip.


Extension in the arthroscopy area


We have recently added the ACL Set to our arthroscopy program. This consists of a aimer (ACL Tibial Aimer, Femural (LP) Aimer or the Multiuse Aimer), a PCL/PCL handle and a ACL/PCL bullet.


Impressive design

Cardio Vascular Needle Holder

New in our program is the needle holder with axial handle for thoracic and cardio vascular surgery. It impress with its new design. The spring-loaded axial handle is particulary light and can be easily locked with a click. We can offer this in different designs on request.


New in our program

The "cleanOnly" system

Our powerCUT series has become our new system "cleanONLY" due to the constantly growing requirements in the field of cleaning and hygiene.The instruments can be disassembled into 2 parts (handle and shaft). The rinsing oasis and the additional integrated slots in the shaft ensure the best possible cleaning of the instruments.

New style

Disposable instruments for laparoscopy

We also strive to constantly develop and improve our disposable instruments for laparoscopy. Our 2-part system consists of a reusable handle with shaft and a single-use insert, each insulated. The irrigation connection ensures easy cleaning for the reusable handle. Our range of attachments includes various scissors and grasping forceps.

A handle that convinces

The Laparoscopy Needle Holder "Orca"

The aluminium axial handle is the alternative in laparoscopy for our needle holders. Due to the new design and ergonomic shape the handle convinces with an easy and comfortable handling. The handle is black anodized and is available in two versions, straight and curved.

The difference is in the detail

"Laparoscopy Ø 3.5 mm 3-part detachable"

As an addition to our laparoscopy program, we have developed Laparoscopy scissors, grasping forceps and biopsy forceps with a diameter of 3.5 mm can now be dismantled in three parts. This product is unique in the design. Decisive for the perfect functioning of the instruments are not only the high-quality materials but also the trained dexterity of our surgical mechanics. The instruments can be dismantled in 3 parts for sterilization, are compatible with each other and can be sterilized and cleaned without any problems.